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clearly using emofuri to its full potential

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the butthurt straight male comments on JLo’s I Luh Ya Papi video screaming of how “uncomfortable” it makes them and how it’s “sexual objectification of men” keep me young

the first thing they say is “gay music video” when it’s a song about women objectifying men. you can’t get less gay than pure heterosexuality yet guys can’t believe that women might want to judge them on their attractiveness.

Also, “I kinda feel uncomfortable and insecure at the same time” WOMEN GO THROUGH THAT ALL THE TIME THANKS TO ALL THE FEMALE OBJECTIFICATION GOING ON.

The traumatized are unpredictable because we know we can survive. You can survive this happening to you. I believe you.


Jared Padalecki ~ Supernatural

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god how do people even take themselves seriously when they say “if you want it different make your own game/movie/book/etc”

they act like they’re so pragmatic and ~that’s how the market works~ and all that bullshit but it doesn’t even make sense within their own capitalistic context

you wanna throw out all the importance of what these things actually mean to people just for cold, raw numbers? sure we’ll play it your way

you see there’s this thing called demand

demand is the golden goose of the market. producers are either frantically hunting it down, or—like more recent market discussions are encouraging entrepeneurs to strive for—creating demand that isn’t there yet. (an “I never knew how much I needed this” kind of thing; Apple products are always trotted out as the example for this)

people start freaking out when demand drops. people start flocking to where demand increases. businesses spend millions of dollars trying to track and predict demand. it’s supposedly the very basis of capitalistic money-making.

so when you divebomb into these conversations with UM IF YOU WANT THE THING MAKE IT YOURSELF, you’re not just being laughably unrealistic, but you’re trying to shut up people who are basically saying “helloooo, this is what we want here! Here’s our demand! we’re saving you the trouble of trying to figure it out and waving it right in your faces!!” to be like nahhhh, who needs demand, if you want something make it yourself!

that is totally why people who want shoes make them themselves or people who want to take a flight on an airplane make the plane themselves and learn to fly it, right? or when people want to watch a movie adaption of some book they liked, they start hunting filming equipment and line up to buy the rights to it?

that’s totally why when trends show that people want more data storage for the space, or more internet capabilities on a cell phone, the technology industry wrinkles its nose and goes “um we already made what we want to make if you want better MAKE IT YOURSELF,” right?

your bullshit doesn’t even make sense by the most thoughtless, heartless numbers-and-dollar-signs methods.  you’re not fooling anyone, and least of all us.

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[Image: Complete the sentence:
"It’s a pity that kids these days are all getting involved with ___________”
Answer: Heteronormativity]


A pity indeed





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Asker san-pie Asks:
im sorry to ask, but i was wondering if you may show us how to draw abs please?
shadowknight1224 shadowknight1224 Said:












 I STILL TAKE A LONG TIME TO DRAW OK looking abs HHahA SOBS AND LIES DOWN but yeah!! GO LOOK AND Some real life abs i promise you it’ll be ten times more helpful than my crude doodles!!

PLS TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF ASALT AND Hope this helps u out a little!!





( Diana’s not the only one that can do puns ;D Get it? Cos Sunkist drink? :D )

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and because I ran out of room: 

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Neo-Nazis get their shit pushed in by native american grandmothers, who then capture their flag, take selfies with it, and then burn it.

Neo Nazi status: Wrekt.

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Hot Hairy Fucker William

I can’t remember if I reblogged this guy for you or not, snight